Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Opening Conferences 2015-2016

The 2015-2016 school year will start with our annual Opening Conferences.  This year, parents will use an online scheduling system to book appointments with teachers.  Parents must first create a user account (can be done any time) before booking appointments (begins August 26th).  Instructions were included in June report cards and are also available online.  Please click here to access this important information (far right hand side in the yellow box).

Monday, 29 June 2015

Lunch Supervisors Wanted!

We are looking for lunch supervisors for 2015-2016.  We have both full time (one hour every day) and part time (one hour four or less days per week) positions. Please call the school office at 204-889-9356 if you are interested. Hours are from 11:50 AM to 12:50 PM at a rate of about $12.45/hour.

Little Free Library News

The Little Free Library will continue to be open and re-stocked over the summer months.  We invite you to visit and swap a book or two and enjoy reading over the summer.

Please help to keep our books dry and close the door if you see it has been left open.

Have a great summer- Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bump-Up Day

Today we had our first ever "Bump-Up" day where students got to visit their new classrooms and meet their teachers and classmates for the fall.  There was lots of excitement in the air!  We hope that this process will help students ease the transition to a new school year. 

L-R:  Ms. D'Eon (Room 1), Mrs. Turner & Ms. Jensen (Room 8)


L-R: Mrs. Chumola (Room 6), Ms. Palsson (soon to be Mrs. du Plessis, Room 10) and Mrs. Jones (Room 4)


L-R: Mr. Blake (Room 18), Mrs. Vincent (Room 16) and Mrs. Rogala & Ms. Cichosz (Room 15)


Digital Citizenship

At the beginning of each school year all families are asked to give consent for the use of their child's image by school staff for the purpose of celebrating and promoting school events and achievements.  There are some families who prefer their child's image not be broadcast on websites or social media. The school respects this parental decision and refrains for publishing photographs or video of those students.

At school events such as concerts, assemblies and other celebrations where parents and family members are invited to attend as guests the expectation for privacy is different. It is understood that families like to capture these special memories on photo and video and that when recording your own child there are times when you capture images of other children as well.

We are respectfully asking all families to carefully consider how those photos and videos are used after leaving the school.  If you choose to post online (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) pictures of your child(ren) that have been taken at a school event please ensure that other children's images are not in those photos.

When we teach our students about digital citizenship, we teach them that each individual owns his/her images and that one does not have the right to use those images without that person's permission.  Please respect the right of each family to choose when and how their children's images appear online.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Lost & Found

There are many items remaining in our lost and found including several pairs of eye glasses.  Teachers will continue to remind students to take a look for anything that may belong to them.  Parents are welcome to come and do a double check; sometimes adult eyes notice things that children's eyes do not!  All items remaining on June 29th will be donated to a local charity.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

BBQ Basket Raffle

Parent Council's BBQ is this coming Tuesday.  Thank you to all for your contributions to the raffle baskets.  Tickets for the raffle will be on sale on Monday and Tuesday at lunch time and at the start of the BBQ on Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 PM.  Ticket prices are:

1 for $1.00
8 for $5.00
20 for $10.00

Public Consultation Meeting

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Final Report Cards

Final Report Cards will be distributed at the end of the day on the last day of school (Monday, June 29, 2015).  If your child will not be present the last day of school, please send a pre-addressed & postage paid envelope (8 1/2 x 11) to the office. If an envelope is not sent, your child's report card will be available for pickup in the office in September 2015.

Bumping Up to September

This year, we are going to try something new as part of the transition to our new school year.  Toward the end of June we will be holding a "Bump Up Day" when students will learn their class placement for the fall.

All students will have a short visit in their new classroom when they will meet their new teacher and classmates. Ms. D'Eon and Ms. Cichosz, our new teachers for September, will be joining us as well.  Our hope is that this experience will be a positive start to the transition that will come in the fall. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Teaching Staff for 2015-2016

June is always bitter sweet as we say goodbye to some staff and welcome others to our school.

We would like to thank Mrs. Forcand and Mr. Harris for their contributions to Linwood this year and wish them both all the best in future endeavors.   

Mrs. Stevenson will be taking maternity leave next year.  We wish her health and happiness as she welcomes her newest family member. 

Ms. Palsson is getting married later in June.  We will welcome her back as Mrs. du Plessis.

Finally, Mrs. Breckman, our long time Reading Recovery teacher, will be retiring.  We wish her well as she begins this new adventure.

Many families will remember Mrs. Aremu, who will be returning in September from an extended maternity leave.  We also welcome Mrs. Bonnefoy, Ms. D' Eon and Ms. Cichosz, all of whom are teaching at other St. James- Assiniboia schools this year.

Linwood School Teaching Staff 2015-2016

Kindergarten (AM & PM)            Ms. Dowd

Grade 1 (Room 8)                                Ms. Jensen (AM)/ Mrs. Turner (PM)

Grade 1/2 (Room 1)                             Ms. D'Eon

Grade 2/3 (Room 4)                             Mrs. Jones

Grade 2/3 (Room 6)                             Mrs. Chumola

Grade 2/3 (Room 10)                           Mrs. du Plessis

Grade 4/5 (Room 15)                           Ms. Cichosz/Mrs. Rogala 

Grade 4/5 (Room 16)                           Mrs. Vincent  

Grade 4/5 (Room 18)                           Mr. Blake  

 Physical Education                              Mrs. Rogala

 Music (AM)                                         Mrs. Wurch

 Resource (PM)                                     Mrs. Aremu

Guidance (AM)                                     Mrs. Turner

Reading Recover (AM)                         Mrs. Bonnefoy

Class Placement Process

The purpose of the Class Placement Process is to maximize learning and teaching opportunities for all students and teachers by constructing balanced classes.

The class creation process is a complex one involving the gathering of information about student needs and the making of collaborative decisions from staff and administrative teams about student placement in classes.

Factors considered are academic progress, individual learning styles, interactions between classmates, specific learning needs in different areas, gender balance, and information provided by the current teachers, child, and parents.

Placing students is not an easy task and the professionals in our school invest a great deal of time and thought into the process. Thank you for your support as we strive to create the best possible learning environment for all of the students at Linwood School.