Thursday, 28 April 2016

Family Fun Night!

Paws of the Future presents a Family Fun Night like never before!!!!

Come to play fun games with your family and enjoy refreshments for sale in support of Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, hosted by Team 15 – Grade 4/5.

During the night, on May 5th from 3:40 – 5:10 p.m. a team of 23 host a scene at Linwood in the gym and auditorium.

Buy tickets in advance for $3.00. Children ages 0-3 are free! If you are not a student in room 15 you must bring an adult with you.

Don’t worry, we’ll come to your door to sell tickets and if we don’t; contact Miss Cichosz using the e-mail: or ask a student in room 15 or, yours truly, Odin and Kaleb.

Hope you make it!

We only take cash. Remember that drinks and snacks are just $1 each at Family Fun Night. There will be awesome door prizes, so make sure to bring your ticket.


*We hope you will support Manitoba Underdogs Rescue because all the money we raise goes to the animals to keep them healthy. The rescue is run by volunteers and there isn’t a shelter, the dogs stay in foster homes, so hope you can help us support a great cause!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

April Story Time

The following students enjoyed a snack and a story with Mrs. McDonald in April: Brody S., Jordyn, Lucas, Zeida, Robert, Wyatt N., Kaileen, Audrey, Maverick, Andy, Drayson, Hannah A., Wyatt G., Ben C., Rowan, Kieran M., Kieran B., Nick, Adalie, John M., Zach, Toby, Carter, Avirey and Tyler U.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Celebrating Earth Day

We will be celebrating Earth Day on Thursday, April 21st with a whole school assembly.  We will watch some videos about our Earth, here tips from Room 8 about how students can help the Earth, listen to Room 6 perform a song, and hear students from The Giving Tree group explain how our upcoming composting program will work.

We welcome all guests to join us in the auditorium at 11:15 for this special event!

We will also be taking part in the "Lights Out" challenge where we save electricity by using only natural light for the day!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Emergency Drills

During the course of a school year, we are mandated to practice a minimum of 10 fire drills, two lockdown drills and one tornado drill to prepare our students in the event there is an emergency. Staff will have reviewed procedures with children before emergency measures practices take place. We will only notify home in the event of a real crisis.
We will be holding one or more  lockdown drill(s) in the month of April.  We will practice tornado procedures in May.  Remaining required fire drills will be held throughout the last three months of the year. Please do not hesitate to call the school if you need any clarification.

Red Cross Day of Pink

What is the Day of Pink?

April 13, 2016 marks the International Day of Pink. It is a day where schools and communities in Canada and throughout the world to celebrate diversity, kindness and raise awareness to end bullying.

Linwood Students are invited to wear pink to stand up for kindness and to stand against bullying. In class, they will explore the difference between normal conflict and harmful bullying and learn ways to respond if they witness or experience bullying. As always, we will continue to guide our students to be kind, tolerant and accepting people to create an environment where there is no room for bullying.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

News from The Giving Tree Group

Giving Tree is very happy to announce that we raised $479.10 during our three March fundraisers!! Our focus was to help the global charity Free The Children The Giving Tree group decided today to purchase two big ticket items that will make a long and lasting impact! First is the Farm Animal Bundle. It includes three goats and 15 chicks. This gives a family the chance to sell eggs and milk, pay for school fees and learn the skills to run a sustainable small business. The second was the gift of Clean Water for a Family for Life. With water for drinking, cleaning and farming, a family can plan on having more ways to grow food and prevent the spread of illness. We are so proud of Linwood School! Please visit if you would like to learn more or to make a family donation.

Divisional Science Fair

Linwood was represented at yesterday's Divisional Science Fair by 12 of our students.  We are so proud of their accomplishments!  Congratulations for all of your hard work! 

Results from the fair are as follows:

Avirey  Room 15
Margareth  Room 18
Walker  Room 15

Zyron Room 15
Jack  Room 16

Tyler  Room 15
Alex Room 10

Kieran M.  Room 18 and Nathan  Room 15
Thomas  Room 18
Frances  Room 6
Ella  Room 4

There are also a number of "Special Awards" given out at the divisional level, and Linwood students were recipients of three of these:

Top Project (Highest overall score in Grade 4) and The Manitoba Hydro "Energy and You" award were both won by Thomas for his project "Can Wind Turn on the Light?".  The "Energy and You" award recognizes outstanding research in the area of energy and related conservation applications.  Nice job, Thomas!

Thomas with his trophy (Top Grade 4 Project Award) and bursary (Manitoba Hydro Award)

The Young Scientist Award was won by Nathan and Kieran M. for their project "Shells".  This award recognizes unique presentation and outstanding scientific research.  Way to go!

Kieran and Nathan with their trophies

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Parking Lot Safety

Student safety is a priority shared by parents and school staff. 

The entrance to the staff parking lot is a very busy place.  Students are crossing that threshold on foot and on their bicycles at busy entrance and dismissal times. Students are not permitted to be in the staff parking lot as cars come and go throughout the day.  During recess times students know to get a staff member to help if a ball or other play item accidentally goes in the parking lot.  This practice is in place to keep our students safe.

Parents can help to ensure students are safe by refraining from using the staff parking lot for student drop off and pick up.  Think safety over convenience.  We thank all families for their help with this matter.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Parent Council News

Our Milk Program Volunteer is moo-ving so a new volunteer is needed.  The time commitment is approximately one hour every two weeks.  Responsibilities include visiting classrooms to exchange milk tickets for money and the preparing a bank deposit.  If you are interested, please email