Parent/Student Handbook 2016-2017

266 Linwood Street
Winnipeg, MB R3J 2C6
Telephone:  (204) 889-9356
Fax:  (204) 885-2234

Principal:  Mrs. K. McDonald

Linwood School Mission Statement

The mission of Linwood School, with the support of the
community,  is to provide a safe and caring environment in
which students become accountable, life long learners who
demonstrate respect and cooperation, and take

responsibility for their own behavior and learning.


School Board Office Administrators
Mr. B. Lough                    Chief Superintendent
Ms. T. Pshebniski             Assistant Superintendent, Program And Curriculum
Mr. M. Wake                    Acting Assistant Superintendent, Administration
Board Office Number:     204-888-7951
Web Site:

Linwood School Hours
8:45 Outside supervision 12:45 Outside supervision
8:55 Student entry 12:50 Student entry / attendance
9:00 Attendance 12:55 Instruction begins
9:05 Instruction begins 2:10-2:25 Recess
10:20-10:35 Recess 3:40         Dismissal
11:50 Lunch Dismissal

Office Hours: 8:15 A.M. – 4:15 P.M.

Communication/School News
Linwood School strives for open communication with families.  In our ongoing effort to keep parents informed, we use a live online news web-page (blog) at .  Please be sure to check the page regularly for updates.  Parents can subscribe to get an email notice when the page is updated.  Feel free to contact the school for support in doing so.

Medication at School
At times, students may require medication during school hours.  School personnel cannot administer any medication without authorization from the prescribing physician and the written consent of parents .  If your child requires medication at school, you may obtain the required paperwork by contacting the office or you may print off the forms from our website at  Take the forms with you when you visit your child’s doctor so that he/she can sign it.  Return the completed forms to school with the medication.

Early Dismissal
Students will be dismissed early at 3:10 p.m. on designated early dismissal dates, usually on the first and third Tuesday of each month, due to staff meetings and staff professional development meetings.  Please see the “Important Dates” tab on the blog for the full listing.

Inservice and Administration Days 
The Department of Education allocates 10 days of the school year to be used for in-service and administration.  During these days teachers are involved with parent/teacher conferences, curriculum meetings and workshops in order to stay informed about the latest curriculum changes and teaching strategies.

Please see the “Important Dates” tab on the blog for the full listing.

Lunch Procedures
It is the policy of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division that students should go home for lunch unless this is not feasible for reasons of distance, severe weather or health concerns.

All students are eligible to stay at school in a supervised lunch program at no cost.

Students are required to supply their own lunch and necessary lunch supplies (utensils, napkins, etc.).  There are no microwaves; please send a thermos if you prefer a warm lunch for your child.  Please help us keep our lunch room free from known allergens (peanuts and kiwi for 16/17).

Students must follow lunchroom guidelines.  Students who do not follow Lunch Program rules/expectations are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension of privileges.


Thank you for helping to establish positive routines with your children. Arriving on time, lining up outside with classmates, and reinforcing classroom /school expectations help to provide a safe, structured learning environment.

Thank you very much for your assistance in maintaining a safe, productive atmosphere by following the procedures listed below at Linwood School.

Visitors to the School 
To ensure the safety of our students:
 - After morning entry, only the front doors will be unlocked.  Visitors must use the front door.
- All visitors must report to the school office upon arrival.
- Classroom volunteers/visitors will receive a "Visitor" pass after signing in at the office.

Regular attendance is important to ensure steady learning.  If your child must miss school due to illness or another emergency, please notify the school office as soon as possible.  The procedures below are in place for student safety:

Call Back Program
It is the responsibility of the parents to call the school if your child will be late or absent.  If your child’s attendance is recorded by the teacher as an unknown absence, the office will call parent/guardians to ensure the student is in your care.

Arriving Late to School 
Punctuality is an important responsibility.  A student arriving late for class disrupts both the teacher and the other students.  Should there be complicating factors which make it difficult for you to get your child to school on time, please notify the office.

Students who arrive to school after the entry bell at 8:55 or 12:50 are considered late.  Late arrivals must report to the office for a late slip for their attendance to be changed from “absent” to “late”.

Leaving Early from School
Occasionally parents/guardians request that students are excused during school time for one reason or another.  Please attempt to use vacation and Professional Development days for doctor/dentist appointments for your child(ren).

In the case that your child must leave early, please send a note/email to the teacher indicating the time the child will be leaving.  You may also call the office with this information.

Parents or other caregivers who are picking up a student during the school day are asked to attend the office and sign out the child.  The office will inform advise the child’s teacher that you are here.  The teacher will send the child to the office to meet you.

Morning Entrance Procedure
Student supervision on the playground begins at 8:45 a.m.  When the entry bell rings, students line up at the doors designated with their room number and duty staff will supervise entry.  In severe weather, students are supervised indoors.

End of Day Dismissal Procedure
The end of the day is always a very busy time. Important end of the day routines are being completed. Students will be dismissed through their designated entry/exit doors.  Parents/caregivers who pick up students after school will need to arrange a meeting place outside of the school.  Many families uses the same spot as morning drop-off (such as the class number painted on the tarmac).

Designated Entrance/Exit Doors are as Follows:
Front doors on Linwood: Kindergarten students, Patrols, Bus Students

Northwest “Boys” doors on Winchester: Rooms 1, 4, 6, 18

Southwest “Girls” doors on Winchester:  Rooms 8, 10, 15, 16

Students on Playground Before and After School 
Please be reminded that students should not be on the school grounds prior to 8:45 a.m. or after 3:40 p.m. without parental supervision. We do not have staff supervising the playground before 8:45 a.m. or after school. Please plan your child’s departure from home so that he/she arrives on the playground close to 8:45 and 12:45.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure their child(ren) are under adult supervision before and after school. For the safety of all, please make the necessary arrangements to ensure your child is not left unsupervised.

Allergy Alert
Some students in our school have life-threatening allergies to nuts and nut products.  We also have a student with a life-threatening allergy to kiwi and products containing kiwi.  We ask for your help by not sending kiwi or any products containing nuts or the warning “may contain nuts” to school.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Parking Lot
Please refrain from driving into the parking lot to drop off or pick up your children.  This poses a serious concern for the safety of you children.  Guest parking is for guests utilizing the school for school business and is located along the north side of the parking lot facing Bruce Avenue.

Grade 5 students at Linwood School have the opportunity to be patrols. They are responsible for patrolling at the corner of Linwood and Bruce as well as Winchester and Bruce.  In extreme weather conditions, when the buses from the division are not running, the patrols do not go on duty.

Emergency Preparedness Plan
Formalized plans for emergencies are reviewed annually with staff and students.  These include procedures dealing with lock downs, accidents, fire or explosion, tornadoes, storms, weapon or bomb threat, chemical spill, failure of services or other such emergencies.

Fire Drills
Periodic fire drills are held to ensure the safe evacuation of the building should the need arise.  In the event that we are required to evacuate the building for an extended period, all students and staff will report to the Deer Lodge Community Club.

School Lockdown
School lockdown procedures are in place as a response to immediate danger in and around the vicinity of the school.  Periodic lockdown practices are held to ensure that students and staff are familiar with the procedures should an event occur.

Tornado Shelter
School procedures are in place to cover the threat of tornados.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters
When bringing bicycles to school we ask that students lock them up in the bike cage.  The school does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen bicycles.
For the safety of all, students are asked to dismount their bicycles, skateboards and scooters and walk before entering the school grounds.


Resource & Guidance /Counselling
Resource teachers and the school counselors work cooperatively with classroom teachers in a team approach to plan and provide programming for student academic, social, emotional and behavioural success.

Resource and Guidance programs are available to help students in Kindergarten through grade 5.  The Guidance and Resource programs include classroom groups, individual counseling, and small group sessions. These specialized teachers are available for consultation with parents, students, and teachers whenever necessary.

Educational Support Services (E.S.S.)
Educational Support Services consist of the following services available on a referral basis:             School Psychologist
Social Worker
Speech and Language Clinician
Behavior Intervention Resource Teacher

Report Cards  are issued three times a year – November, March and June. On the report card, the essential skills from the curriculum are defined.  A report card is a snapshot in time which also needs to be supported by Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences.  These conferences are scheduled during the November and March reporting periods.  This is a critical part of the partnership between home and school and an integral part of your child’s learning.  Every child is encouraged to attend the conference with their parents.  Work samples and portfolios are shared at this time.  However, parents are reminded and encouraged to contact their child’s teacher at any time during the school year if any questions or concerns develop.

Pupil Files
The Public Schools Act requires every School Board to establish a pupil file for each pupil enrolled in a Manitoba school.

The pupil file is an ongoing official record of a pupil’s educational progress from Kindergarten – Senior 4.  A pupil file includes the entire collection of repository of information/documentation compiled or obtained by the staff of a school relating to the education of the pupil which is stored in written, photographic, electronic, or any other form, and is held in the school, school board office or other office under the jurisdiction of the school board.

Each parent (custodial and non-custodial), legal guardian or age of majority pupil has the right to information contained in school or divisional files unless there is a court order forbidding the right to access.  When the pupil reaches the age of majority, consent of the student is required to allow parents to access the pupil file.  Where parents are separated or divorced, both parents have the right to receive information or reports on their child, unless the court orders otherwise.  [Divorce Act Section 16(5), The Family Maintenance Act Section 39(4)].

The purpose of recess is to give students a break from academic concentration and participate in some physical exercise.  We have outdoor recess except for days of extreme weather conditions.  This means we go outside rain or shine. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the day.

All students who are well enough to be at school are expected to go outdoors at recess.


Cellphones/ iPods/Personal Electronic Devices and other Personal Items
Students are asked to leave all valued items at home.  This includes toys, games and other personal property such as cell phones or personal electronic devices (ipods, MP3 players, etc.)
Students are not permitted to use personal electronic devices at school.  Students who bring these items will be asked to leave them in their backpacks.  In accordance with school division policy IJNCD, the school does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Due to privacy issues, the use of cameras, or cell phones and iPods with cameras, is prohibited at school.  Devices being used for filming or photography will be confiscated and kept in the office for the remainder of the day and parents will be notified.

Students who need to use the phone during the school day are able to get a phone pass from their teacher and use the phone in the office.

Parent Council
Linwood School has an active Parent Council which works cooperatively with the school in the best educational interests of the children.  The Council organizes fundraising events, co-hosts special activities within the school, and holds meetings of interest to all parents.  We encourage you to become active with this group.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M.  However, the first meeting of the year is the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 6:30 PM.  Meeting minutes can be accessed on the school website at .

Volunteers and Parental Involvement
Volunteers are required in many areas during the school year.  Parental involvement can be a rewarding experience for you, your child, and, indeed, for the school.  Our volunteers, who range from parents, grandparents, adult siblings, and a range of community members, perform a wide variety of good deeds in our school. Many parents who work during the day like to contribute by participating in fundraising or other Parent Council activities that include tasks that are done from home but help immensely with the events at school.  It is an ongoing goal of Linwood School to enhance the role of parents and community as educational partners in the school.

Students who live over 1 km from school are provided with bus transportation to and from school.  If you are unsure of bussing eligibility, or are interested in purchasing a bus seat, please call the school at 204-889-9356.

If your bussed student will not be riding the bus home on a given day, parents must inform the office before 3:30 PM so that he/she can be removed from the bus roster.

Unscheduled Bus Cancellations
In the event of an unscheduled bus cancellation, an announcement will be broadcast on radio station CJOB, CBC or other stations.  The central divisional office will also send out an automated message to families.

School Dress
Students are expected to dress in a manner conducive to promoting an academic learning environment.  The school is their place of business and standards must be in place that are suitable for all students Kindergarten through Grade 5. 

The guidelines at Linwood School are as follows:
* Hats are not permitted indoors
* No inappropriate language on clothing
* No "short shorts".  No revealing tops.  Tops with "lasagna" straps (at least two finger widths) are acceptable. Halter tops, crop tops, muscle shirts and "spaghetti" straps are not.
* Shoes are to be worn at all times.

Linwood Child Care Centre
The child care centre is a provincially subsidized day care.  Hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Please contact their office at 204-832-6540 for further information.

Co-Curricular Activities
The staff of Linwood School provides opportunities for students to take part in many club and co-curricular activities to further develop special activities or interests.

Student Accident Insurance
The Reliable Life Plan has been endorsed by the Manitoba Association of School Trustees.  An envelope explaining coverage and costs is sent home with each child in the first week of school.  All students must have extended health care for ambulance and dental before they will be allowed to go on field trips beyond the perimeter.

Public Health Nurse
If you wish to contact the public health nurse assigned to the school on any of the communicable diseases listed below, you may do so at 204-940-3650.  Their location is at 2015 Portage Avenue.
Measles (red or German) Mumps
Chicken Pox        Diphtheria
Whooping Cough Fifth’s
Mononucleosis Hepatitis
Hand, Foot & Mouth Head lice
Strep throat         Impetigo
Ringworm, scabies Dysentery

Please notify the school immediately at 204-889-9356 if your child is absent from school with any of these diseases.

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