Friday, 28 April 2017

Music Monday is coming to Linwood!

Please join us as Linwood celebrates Music Monday on Monday, May 1st at 9:05 – 10:20 (approximate times) in the auditorium. Every student will have a part in this assembly which will include Orff instruments, drumming, movement, singing, the Linwood Choir, and a couple of surprises! We will finish our assembly by singing the Music Monday 2017 Anthem, Sing it Together, led by guest musicians, Mr. G. Dresser and his son, Pierce.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The St. James Divisional Children’s Choir Visits Linwood!

Students and staff were serenaded today by the Divisional Children’s Choir! A huge thank you to Mrs. Neufeld and the choir (which incudes four of our own Linwood Grade 5 students: Izzy, Makayla, Sasha, and Toby) for your beautiful performance and for including Linwood on your tour! Our students and staff were inspired by your dedication, excellence and beautiful singing!


If any Grade 4 students would like to audition for the choir for next year, please contact Mrs. Wurch for forms and audition information which will be available next week.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Message from the City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Parking Authority campaign encourages drivers to “Be Aware. Park with Care” around schools, fire lanes and designated spaces


Campaign aims to educate drivers prior to WPA mailing out tickets for parking violations


Winnipeg, MB – Today, the Winnipeg Parking Authority (WPA) launched its “Be Aware. Park with Care” campaign which encourages drivers to follow parking laws when stopping or parking around schools, fire lanes and designated parking spaces. The campaign aims to educate drivers about the parking rules in these high-offense areas prior to the WPA beginning to mail out parking tickets on May 1, 2017.


“Parking illegally around schools, in fire lanes and in designated parking spaces can cause serious safety concerns, traffic delays and inconvenience,” said Councillor Cindy Gilroy, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Innovation. “I’m pleased to see the Winnipeg Parking Authority take the initiative to educate the public and emphasize that these spaces are saved for something more important than your convenience.”


The campaign features several videos that will be used to supplement a social media campaign, radio spots, newspaper advertising as well as targeted communication with schools and parents.


“Illegally parked vehicles during school pick up and drop offs create serious safety hazards for children and cause traffic delays,” said Councillor Brian Mayes, the City’s Liaison for School Boards & Youth Opportunity. “I am thrilled the Winnipeg Parking Authority is launching this campaign and working with schools to address these concerns.”


Similarly, the campaign notes that illegally parked cars in fire lanes, whether at a shopping mall, grocery store, community centre or other public venue, can also cause safety issues.


“It’s vital that fire lanes remain free and clear of any parked cars so that we can respond quickly to emergency situations,” said Assistant Chief Mark Reshaur, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. “Whether it’s a fire or a medical emergency, seconds count so please pay attention to signage and do not park in fire lanes.”


Also highlighted in the campaign are designated parking spaces which are reserved for persons with a physical disability and a properly displayed current permit.


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Media inquiries should be directed to the City of Winnipeg Media Inquiry Line at 204-986-6000 or via email at


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Monday, 3 April 2017

Volunteer Appreciation


Linwood Volunteers,
You Keep Us Afloat!
Linwood Volunteers are invited to join us on
Tuesday, April 18th at 9:15 a.m.
for a morning of treats and talents.
anchor-clipart-1398629005otDHope to see you there!

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and found time to balance rest and relaxation with fun and adventure.  Families are reminded that students must be prepare to be outdoors daily, recess happens in all sorts of weather!  During this 'soggy' time of year a spare pair of socks and even a change of clothes can help to make the day more comfortable in case of we clothing.  The final term of the school year will see lots of special events taking place.  Please be sure to check the school and classroom blogs frequently to ensure you are 'in the loop'!